Celebrate the Small Successes

I wanted to share a small, but exciting accomplishment for Next Door and Window! A 90% growth increase on Facebook in one short month! We hit 100 Facebook likes!!

Do you celebrate the small successes along your journey? Celebrate every win to acknowledge your progress. I personally think it's extremely important to celebrate all the small achievements in a small business, as well as thanking your customers/followers along the way. You wouldn't be successful without your great staff, fans and customers. Let them know that you care and appreciate them. We all want one million fans, but it doesn't happen overnight. It truly is a marathon and not a race. I think it's also important to have quality fans and likes. I don't support "buying," likes. I view buying a like the same as a "fake," friend. You want real, loyal friends. Network and build your business with quality likes.

Set small goals for yourself each month with social media. For example, July 2017, we will increase our Facebook followers up 30%. Your goals can also be based upon engagement. For example, for July 2017 we're going to increase our engagement on Instagram up 4% from June 2017. When you reach your goals, celebrate and share them. If you happen to be short of your goal, reevaluate and set next month's goal. Many small businesses are taking their social media to the NEXT level, just like Next Door and Window. Celebrate Next's 100 likes on Facebook with us!