The Power of THANK YOU

“Mind your manners”… “Say please and thank you.” These are things that all of us remember our parents saying to us, but are they just as impactful and important as an adult?  The answer is YES times a thousand. 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, being thankful is on everyone’s mind.  But it is truly important that we continue to be thankful to those around us.  From a business perspective, it’s essential to our success.  According to Forbes, 83 percent of the organizations they studied suffer from a deficit in recognition. That was extremely shocking to read.  I assumed that everyone was being appreciative and thankful.

It’s incredible how strong the words “Thank You,” can truly be.  Thanking a client that goes out of their way to do something nice for you can have a lasting impression.  Sending a hand written thank you note to a customer can keep referrals coming your way.  The impact is great and the action is so small. 

Here are a few small ideas on how to thank your clients:

1.    Send a hand written thank you

       In today’s world everything is electronic.  When you send a hand written thank you note, it         stands out immensely. 

2.    Send personal quarterly/bi-yearly emails

       We receive so many e-blasts and newsletters that are mass produced.  Getting a personal         email will leave an impression.  For example: If you’re a roofing company, your customer             just got a new roof in May, you probably already sent a thank you note.  But now winter is         approaching and it’s been about 6 months since you touched base.  Send a simple email           stating, “I hope your Fall is going well and thank you again for your purchase this past               May.  We hope the new roof brings you happiness and warmth during this winter.  Have an         amazing day- Sincerely- Your Name.”  Something so simple, but that customer is going to feel touched and you have a higher chance of that customer recommending you the next time someone states that they need a new roof or someone posts on Facebook asking for suggestions.

Those are just a few ideas.  Please feel free to share your ideas below.  And let me end by saying THANK YOU for reading this.