Color OUTSIDE the lines

I came across this quote the other day and I couldn't get it out of my head.  It said "color outside the lines," and I just fell in love.  We are taught as children to color inside the lines.  We are told to do things a certain way as children, such as color the apple red and color the grass in this picture green.  But when a child colors the apple purple, we say don't do that.  But why? 

Why hold someone's creativity back?  We could be holding them back from being the most incredible person or the next genius. They can be the inventor of new technology.   I think it's amazing that we all don't think alike.  That we all have a different perspective on something.  That someone sees a green apple and the next sees a purple apple.  

I say color the apple purple and color outside the lines.  Make your life what you want it to be and imagine the dreams you want.  Not the dreams we are told to have.  If you see a dream that no one else can see, go with it, fight for it and make that dream a reality.  Color outside the lines, think outside the box and make it happen.