Facebook for Your Business is Serious

Social media has changed the way businesses do business each and everyday. There are so many options available from us to choose from that we usually seek out the ones that are easiest to find and the most credible. People look to social media to find the best business because it’s a convenient way to find what you are looking for. Having a Facebook fan page can promote your business to billions of people and get the word about your business out in no time. Facebook can help you build your brand, network with billions of people, and market your business in a very cost effective way.


Facebook is an awesome way to build your brand. It’s serves as a really great platform to share your content. Whether your content is in the form of blog posts, images and videos, or landing pages, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach thousands of people. By using Facebook you are also able to connect with your followers in real time and give them updates about products and services your brand offers. It’s important to stay connected with your fans and update them constantly. This will create a loyal fan base over time. Engagement with your fans is very important and Facebook allows you to host contests for free where you can offer your products and services to your followers as prizes. This is another great way to increase brand loyalty. Fans can also leave testimonials on your fan page that you can link back to your website which will draw more traffic to your site.


Networking is a part of any successful business. Having a Facebook gives you the opportunity to connect with people all over the world. According to Facebook’s Newsroom there are “
1.37 billion daily active users on average for September 2017 and 2.07 billion monthly active users as of September 30, 2017”. You can literally conduct business and gain a following in another country with ease because it’s a global networking site. Facebook allows for messages to be sent back and forth, posting comments on your news feed, and even live video chatting. Facebook also allows you to collaborate with other businesses like yours which helps you meet like-minded people who can always help you grow your business.  There are several Facebook groups for business professionals and business owners as well.


As one of the best efficient and cost effective marketing strategies there is when it comes to social media it’s hard to believe every business doesn’t have one. By creating a Facebook fan page and gaining followers you are already cutting down on marketing expenses because it’s free to make one. Here’s something said from a business that grew just from social media,"Magical Marketing took our social media from average to extraordinary. Our customers are constantly raving about it & we continue to receive new business solely from social media."
-MaMa D's (Lemont, IL). You of course need to gain likes on your page and get the word out, but once it’s out then it turns into word of mouth marketing as well. If someone sees your page and knows someone that needs what you offer they like your page and recommend you to who they know. Then that person then comes to your page and now you have two additional likes. It is also a measurable marketing strategy. With Facebook insights you are able to see which posts were very successful and resonated with fans. You are also able to target a specific audience because you are able to track the demographics of your fans and target a more classified audience.

Being a business and having a Facebook is a necessity. You are able to build your brand, network and market your brand for free. There are paid options to market your brand as well, but you don’t have to if you would just like to gain organic followers. Even spending $100/month on Facebook Ads can help you grow and touch even more potential customers. Being able to become connected to people from all around the world opens doors that wouldn’t normally be available without social media. If you want your business to grow with instant results and the ability to link up with like-minded people Facebook is the way to go.