Are you really using your business cards?

Don't use a template for your business card! Believe me clients and customers know when it's a template & it doesn't stand out. Take that extra step & make a business cards that shows your clients you take the extra step! Have a business cards that truly stands out to your clients/customers! Why are business cards important?

1. Career/Job fairs. A great way to introduce yourself to companies and organizations. Make a statement. Stand out in the crowd!

2. Social gatherings. Do all of your friends & family have your business cards? Give a few to each person. You never know who you can help. Are you going to networking events? Make sure you have up-to-date and accurate business cards to hand out! Network-Network-Network. Network online as well. Get a digital copy of your business card so that you can share on groups or on social media channels upon request.

3. 7 Touches. Did you ever hear of 7 touches of marketing? It is a basic marketing principle that it takes seven ‘touches’ before someone will internalize and/or act upon your call to action. We'll now it's about 700 touches. Have your logo & brand be seen everywhere in digital and print! Leave a lasting impression everywhere you go!

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